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Getting Started with MIPAR


How do I get started working with MIPAR?

Give us a call, email, or just drop by.  Our door is always open and we are always happy to meet with faculty.  However, it is best to make an appointment, so that we are prepared.


How much advance notice is required for MIPAR’s assistance?

As soon as you determine that you are going to submit a proposal, you should contact MIPAR.  Depending on the proposal, we could need as much as six weeks’ notice to complete the process in a sufficient manner.  In short… the sooner the better!


How can MIPAR help me with my grant proposals?

MIPAR provides support for PIs during pre- and post-award phases of the award process.

  • Pre-award phase: MIPAR staff take care of the logistics so that the proposal is submitted in a timely manner and conforms to the sponsor’s guidelines, giving the proposal optimal opportunity for success. This allows the PI to focus on the intellectual content of the proposal. Go here for more details about our pre-award services.
  • Post-award phase: MIPAR advises PIs on financial activities and compliance as established by the sponsoring agency regulations and University policies and procedures. We also approve expenditures to ensure costs are allowable, allocable, reasonable and consistent with Uniform Guidance or the Sponsoring Agency’s regulations. Go here for more details about our post-award services.

MIPAR can also help direct you to sources for funding opportunities, such as monthly funding opportunity digests curated by the Center for Social Science Scholarship and various databases and agency directories provided by UMBC’s Office of the Vice Provost for Research.  Staff in UMBC’s Office of Sponsored Programs are also available to meet with faculty to provide an overview of how to search for funding opportunities.


What will I need for my initial meeting with MIPAR?

Prior to the meeting, send us the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the particular proposal you want to submit. If there is no RFP, send us a link to the sponsoring agency’s website or contact information for a grant administrator or authorized representative of the sponsoring agency.

You should also prepare a list of what you will need to complete your research (e.g., personnel, travel, equipment, consultants, subawards).  MIPAR will develop a budget based on the list, so it is very important to be meticulous.  There are many components to developing a proposal budget. We will provide more specific details for what you will need during our initial meeting.


When do I need to have the completed documents to MIPAR?

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is the entity responsible for submitting all proposals on behalf of the PI. OSP requires that proposals be received, in a ready-to-submit state, 3 days in advance of the sponsor’s deadline. In addition, on each day at 9am, OSP will look at all the proposals that are due that day.  If your documents are not in a ready-to-submit state by 9am on the day the proposal is due, OSP will not send them forward.

In order for MIPAR to meet the requirements of OSP’s policy, we must have your fully completed proposals no later than five business days prior to the submission deadline. More time may be needed if your proposal is complex. This includes all documents needed for subawards. There is no grace period, and no exceptions will be made.


For complete timeline, deadlines, and routing information from OSP and the CAHSS Dean’s Office, see the New Proposal Timeline here


These FAQs were last updated August 2019. Be sure to always visit our website for the most recent information! 

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