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Visiting Egyptian faculty join UMBC’s TESOL Professional Training Programs

Visiting faculty with their Baltimore host families.

In late June 2019, six faculty members from Egyptian universities arrived in Baltimore as part of the Fulbright Junior Faculty Development Program. This Fulbright-sponsored grant program provides professional development for visiting faculty scholars, and cross-cultural exchange for the hosting university. The grant funding the visit is managed by MIPAR, and Mary Tabaa and Doaa Rashed (of the TESOL Professional Training Programs within UMBC’s Education Department) are principal investigators.

The visiting faculty cohort includes: 

Mohamed Abulela, M.A., The English Language Program, University of Science and Technology, Zewail City

Taghreed El Bakly, PhD., Department of English, Language & Literature, Minoufiya University

Lobna El Khabaty, M.A., Department of English, Nile University

Sara El Sayed, M.A., Faculty of Languages and Translation, Pharos University in Alexandria

Mai Mowafy, Ph.D., Department of English Language, Literature & Simultaneous Interpretation, Al-Azhar University

Yara Zidan, M.A., Faculty of Languages, October University for Modern Sciences and Arts

The faculty visited UMBC until September 2019. During their visit, they participated in workshops, events, cultural activities – on- and off-campus site visits, including visits to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor; New York City; Philadelphia; Ocean City, Maryland; and Washington, DC for Fourth of July festivities.

While visiting UMBC, the faculty members engaged in different professional development projects and worked with mentors from UMBC. Some were interested in implementing new ideas at their home institutions. One visiting faculty member studied how UMBC provides accommodations and meets the needs of students with disabilities, and visited the Maryland State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. At her home institution in Egypt, she has already received permission to start accepting deaf students into her home institution’s English Literature program.

Each year, the Fulbright Junior Faculty Development Program sponsors visiting scholars from different countries. This year, Lebanon, Egypt, and Iraq are represented by faculty visiting across the world. Ms. Rashed came to UMBC from Egypt through a similar program herself. While this is the first time the UMBC TESOL Professional Training Programs has hosted visiting faculty through the Fulbright program, Ms. Tabaa and Dr. Rashed had participated and helped with other similar programs sponsored by the US Department of State.