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Current projects by researchers working with MIPAR include:

Strengthening Science Advocacy
Principal Investigator: Fernando Tormos-Aponte (Public Policy)
Sponsor:  Union of Concerned Scientists 
Project Start Date: 10/15/19
Project End Date:  10/14/20

Factors that Influence the Implementation and Effectiveness of a Patient Safety Bundle to Reduce Low-Risk Cesarean Deliveries
Principal Investigator: Jennifer Callaghan-Koru (SAHAP)
Sponsor:  National Institutes of Health
Project Start Date: 07/01/19
Project End Date:  06/30/21

Aging at Home Alone with Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias
Principal Investigator: Laura Girling (SAHAP)
Sponsor:  NIH
Project Start Date: 02/01/19
Project End Date:  01/31/21

Workshop: Advancing Inclusion and Diversity
Principal Investigator: Susan Sterett (Public Policy)
Sponsor:  National Science Foundation
Project Start Date: 04/15/19
Project End Date: 03/31/20

Post-Baccalaureate Research Experience in Economics
Principal Investigator: David Mitch (Economics)
Sponsor:  Sloan
Project Start Date: 11/01/17
Project End Date:  10/31/22

Medicare Ombudsman Project
Principal Investigator: Nancy Miller (Public Policy)
Sponsor:  Optimal Solutions Group
Project Start Date: 09/28/17
Project End Date:  09/27/21

Connections Between Education, Lifelong Learning, Skill Proficiency and Employment Outcomes Among US Middle Aged and Older Adults
Principal Investigator: Takashi Yamashita (SAHAP)
Sponsor:  IES (University of Miami, Ohio)
Project Start Date: 07/01/17
Project End Date:  06/30/20