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Research Reports I Policy Briefs I Selected Articles

Research Reports

On Defining and Valuing the Benefits of Health Policy Interventions: How and Why CEA in Health Morphed into CU(B)A and “Back-Door” BCA – David Salkever (2017)

Impacting Entry into Evidence-Based Supported Employment: A Population-Based Empirical Analysis of a Statewide Public Program – David Salkever, Michael Abrams, Kevin Baier, and Brent Gibbons (2017)

Private and Government Fiscal Costs of the Maryland Dream Act – T. H. Gindling and Marvin Mandell (2012)
Working Paper
Policy Brief

Community College Developmental Mathematics: Is More Better? – Elizabeth Flow-Delwiche (2012)

Healthiest Maryland Business Evaluation – Judith Shinogle and Lina Martinez (2012)

Perceived Benefits and Barriers to Aquatics Program Participation – Sarah Chard (2011)

Gambling Prevalence in Maryland: A Baseline Analysis – Judith Shinogle and Donald F. Norris (2011)

You Can’t School Mother Nature: Using Weather-Related Closings to Identify the Impact of Schooling on Performance – Dave E. Marcotte (2009)

Family Separation and Reunification as a Factor in the Educational Success of Immigrant Children – T. H. Gindling and Sara Poggio (2008)

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Maryland’s Medical Child Care Centers – David Greenberg (2008)

An Analysis of the Impact of Introducing Video Lottery Terminals in Maryland – Judith Shinogle, Robert Carpenter, Scott Farrow, and Donald F. Norris (2008)

Deer and Deer Management in Howard County, Maryland – Donald F. Norris (2008)

Focusing on Success: Pathways Out of Childhood Poverty – Mandell, Marvin B, George Galster, Dave Marcotte, Hal Wolman, and Nancy Augustine (2007)

A Study of Vote Verification Technologies – Donald F. Norris, Andrew Sears and Charles Nicholas (2006)

Maryland Registered Voters’ Opinions About Voting and Voting Technologies – Donald F. Norris (2006)

A New Agenda for e-Democracy – Stephen Coleman and Donald F. Norris (2005).

Slot Machine Gambling in Maryland: An Economic Analysis – Robert Carpenter (2003)

State Parks and Natural Resource Areas in Maryland: A Survey of Public Opinion – Donald F. Norris and Royce Hanson (2003)

Participation in Local Park and Recreation Activities in Maryland: A Survey of Households in Maryland and Seven Sub-State Regions – Donald F. Norris, Royce Hanson and Stephen Coleman (2003)

Maryland Residential Consumer Survey: Views About Electricity Service and Deregulation – Donald F. Norris, Sheila Cotten, Joseph Kirchner and Laura Hudgins (2003)

Policy Briefs

Policy Briefs are occasional papers that summarize MIPAR-sponsored research.

Value-based Wellness Programs: Are We There Yet? (Bloomberg BNA Health Care Policy Report) – Allison MacKenzie (RCM&D, Baltimore) and Judith Shinogle (2012)

Obesity Among Young Latino Children: Disparities and Changes Over Time (Salud America! Research Brief) – Claudia Galindo, Sergio Prada, Judith Shinogle, and Adele Kirk (2011)

Family Separation and the Educational Success of Immigrant Children – T.H. Gindling and Sara Poggio (2009)

Selected Articles Based on MIPAR-funded Research

Miller, Nancy A. & Kirk, Adele (2016). “Predicting State Investment in Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services, 2000-2011.” Journal of Aging & Social Policy, Vol. 28, No. 2.

Merryman. M. Beth, Miller, Nancy A., Shockley, Emily, Eskow, Karen, & Chasson, Gregory. (2015). “Facilitators and Barriers to State Adoption of a Medicaid 1915(c) Waiver for Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder.” Disability and Health Journal, Vol. 8, No. 3.

Salkever, David, Gibbons, Brent, Drake, Robert E., Frey, William D., Hale, Thomas W., & Karakus, Mustafa (2014). “Increasing Earnings of Social Security Disability Income Beneficiaries with Serious Mental Disorder.” Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics, Vol. 17, No. 2. Winner of the 2015 Excellence in Mental Health Policy and Economics Research Award from the International Center of Health Policy and Economics.

Martinez, Lina & Prada, Sergio (2015). “What are some of the features of worksite wellness interventions in the United States?” Occupational Medicine Forum, Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Vol. 57, No. 3.

Miller, Nancy A., Kirk, Adele, Kaiser, Michael & Glos, Lukas. (2014). “The Relation between Health Insurance and Health Care Disparities among Adults with Disabilities.” American Journal of Public Health, Vol. 104, No. 3.

Salkever, David, Gibbons, Brent, & Ran, Xiaotao (2014). “Do Comprehensive, Coordinated Recovery-Oriented Services Alter the Pattern of Use of Treatment Services? Mental Health Treatment Study Impacts on SSDI Beneficiaries’ Use of Inpatient, Emergency, and Crisis Services.” Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research, January 2014.

Miller, Nancy A., Kirk, Adele, Alston, Brandy & Glos, Lukas. (2014). “The Effects of Gender, Disability and Age on Receipt of Preventive Services.” The Gerontologist, Vol. 54, No.3.

Miller, Nancy A., Kirk, Adele, Kaiser, Michael, & Glos, Lukas. (2014). “Disparities in Access to Health Care among Middle-Aged and Older Adults with Disabilities.” Journal of Aging & Social Policy, Vol. 24, No. 2.

Norris, Donald F. & Reddick, Christopher G. (2013). “Local E-Government in the United States: Transformation or Incremental Change?” Public Administration Review, Vol. 73, Issue 1.

Miller, Nancy A., Pinet-Peralta, Luis, & Elder, Keith T. (2012). “A State-level Admissions Profile of Older Working-Age and Older Adults in Nursing Homes, Journal of Aging and Social Policy.”Vol. 24, No. 3.

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Norris, Donald F. Preliminary Report: E-Democracy and E-Participation Among Local Governments in the U.S. A research paper presented at the Symposium on E-participation and Local Democracy, Budapest: Hungary. August 3, 2006.

Miller, Nancy A., Rubin, Andrea, Elder, Keith T., Kitchener, Martin, & Harrington, Charlene. (2006). “Strengthening Community Based Care through Medicaid Waivers.” Journal of Aging & Social Policy, Vol. 18, No. 1.