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Current Research Projects

Here are externally-funded research projects currently underway:

MIPAR Research

Economic Analysis in Support of COE Research and Development Comprehensive Impact (Landscape) Study

Principal Investigator: Robert S. Farrow (Economics)
Sponsor:  University of Southern California


Subrecipient: UMBC
Sponsor:  US Department of State

Workshop: Advancing Inclusion and Diversity

Principal Investigator: Susan Sterett (Public Policy)
Sponsor:  National Science Foundation

Understanding the Adoption, Function and Consequences of School Resource Office Use in Understudied Settings
Principal Investigator: Chris Curran (Political Science)
Sponsor:  National Institute of Justice

Behavioral Economics of Time Preferences, Risk Preferences and Agri-Environmental Program Participation
Principal Investigator: Maria Bernedo Del Carpio (Economics)
Sponsor:  Johns Hopkins University (USDA)

An Investigation of Text Recycling in Scientific Research Writing
Principal Investigator: Ian G. Anson (Political Science)
Sponsor:  Duke (NSF)

Health Care Financing and Economics
Principal Investigator: Christine Yee (Economics)
Sponsor:  VA Boston Healthcare System

Connections Between Education, Lifelong Learning, Skill Proficiency and Employment Outcomes Among US Middle Aged and Older Adults
Principal Investigator: Takashi Yamashita (Sociology)
Sponsor:  IES (University of Miami, Ohio)

Post-Baccalaureate Research Experience in Economics
Principal Investigator: David Mitch (Economics)
Sponsor:  Sloan

Race, Childhood Social Disadvantage, and the Audit Brain
Principal Investigator: Danielle L. Beatty Moody (Psychology)
Sponsor:  National Institutes of Health

Medicare Ombudsman Project
Principal Investigator: Nancy Miller (Public Policy)
Sponsor:  Optimal Solutions Group

Appealing to the Authority of Data: Social Complexity, Fragmented Decisionmaking, and the Politics of Smart Cities
Principal Investigator: Susan M. Sterett (Public Policy)
Sponsor:  National Science Foundation

The New “One Best System?” Urban Governance and Educational Practice in the Portfolio Management Model
Principal Investigator: Jane Lincove (Public Policy)
Sponsor:  Tulane (Arnold)

Determining Teachers’ Baseline Practice and Alignment Prior to a Systemic Curriculum Change
Principal Investigator: Jonathan Singer & Christopher Rakes (Education)
Sponsor:  NSF Rapid

Aging at Home Alone with Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias
Principal Investigator: Laura Girling (Sociology)
Sponsor:  NIH

Emergency Preparedness Planning
Principal Investigator: Becca Scharf & Rick Bissell (EHS)
Sponsor:  Howard County Dept. of Fire & Rescue Services

MD Longitudinal Data Systems Center
Principal Investigator: Jane Lincove (Public Policy)
Sponsor:  MDLSC FY 19

Community Development Block Grants Activities and Local Economic Development
Principal Investigator: Eric Stoken (Political Science)
Sponsor:  HUD

Community Development Block Grants Activities and Local Economic Development 

Principal Investigator: Danielle Beatty (Psychology)
Sponsor:  NIH

Examining Representation and Citizen Advocacy at the 2016 Democratic National Convention
Principal Investigator – Tyson King-Meadows (Political Science)
Sponsor – Congressional Black Caucus Foundation

Mental Health Treatment Study: Replication and Extended Impacts on Services Use
Principal Investigator – David Salkever (Public Policy)
Sponsor – National Institute of Mental Health

Open Forums Research
Principal Investigator – George La Noue (Public Policy)
Sponsor – Charles Koch Foundation

Baltimore City Public Health Emergency Response
Principal Investigator – Richard Bissell (Emergency Health Services)
Sponsor – Department of Homeland Security/City of Baltimore

A Cost-Benefit Study of Green & Healthy Homes Interventions in Baltimore, MD
Principal Investigators: David Salkever (Public Policy) and Michael Abrams (The Hilltop Institute)
Sponsor – U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Center for Aging Studies Research

Health and Long-term Care of Lesbian and Gay Older Adults
Principal Investigator: Ann Christine Frankowski (Sociology)
Sponsor: National Institute on Aging

Strategies for Managing Persons with Dementia in Assisted Living
Principal Investigator – Robert Rubinstein (Sociology) and Ann Christine Frankowski (CAS)
Sponsor – National Institute on Aging

Adult Day Services: Cultural Contexts and Programming Effects
Principal Investigator – Robert Rubinstein (Sociology)
Sponsor – National Institute on Aging