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About Us

MIPAR conference roomThe Maryland Institute for Policy, Analysis, and Research (MIPAR) is housed in the Center for Social Science Scholarship at UMBC.

The mission of MIPAR is to provide a formal mechanism for linking the analytical resources of the University with policy makers  in the state and throughout the nation.

Using the expertise of distinguished faculty from UMBC and other universities, MIPAR addresses our clients’ challenges through a range of research endeavors:

Opinion research
We conduct surveys and focus groups to inform the policy-making process by measuring knowledge and opinions about issues.

Policy analysis
We analyze current problems and alternative policy responses; proposed policies and their potential impacts; and adopted policies, their impacts and whether they work.

Program evaluations
We use a variety of quantitative and qualitative tools to help clients understand and determine the effectiveness of their programs.

We organize conferences, seminars and workshops to inform public policy analysis and discussion at UMBC and in the community.