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New Education Policy Analysis course

Jane Lincove to teach new Education Policy Analysis course

July 5, 2017 10:38 AM

PUBL 610 -03 Special Topic:  Education Policy Analysis

To be offered spring 2018 or fall 2018

Instructor: Jane Arnold Lincove, Assoc. Prof. School of Public Policy

Course Description:

In the US and throughout the world, governments play a central role in education as a regulator, provider, and funder. This course focuses on applying policy analytic frameworks to questions of the role of government in education and the efficiency equity, and justice of education policies. Students will learn economic, sociological. ethical and political frameworks for policy analysis an apply these frameworks to current education policy debates. The course is appropriate for masters students with an interest in education and/or applied policy analysis and doctoral students planning dissertation work in the education policy field.

Pre-requisites:  The completion of Econ 600 or PUBL 604 is strongly recommended.

 Course requirements and grading:

Assignments including problems sets, policy memos, participation in a class simulation project, and a final paper. For the class project, students will research, discuss, and make recommendations to remedy a policy problem in education.

Credit/no credit grading is not permitted for this course.  Anyone registered credit/no credit will receive no credit.

For further details contact the instructor for the course: Jane Arnold Lincove

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